Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Renting sucks! (Or should it?)

The master bedroom when we first moved in (March 2011). Yes, I thought it was acceptable to curtain of just one side of the window.
We all know that renting is discouraged by many. You are paying for a property that will never be yours and more often than not, you allot the biggest chunk of your budget to rental fees.

But for some (read: us), it is the only possible way to live. Unless of course, you can think of a way where you can live by yourself without paying for rent and buying a property. In that case, please tell me how you do it.

Living room circa March 2011. I put contact papers to an otherwise blank white wall. I am in love with contact papers! I think it's the answer to everything. Blank wall, dining table, computer table, world hunger. Seriously. Except for the last part.

Husband studying in one part of the living room then.
My husband always believe in looking at the positive side (must be why he's been with me for so long. Good luck looking for my positive side! HAHA). We may be wasting our money but he told me to look at it this way. Renting allowed us to be experimental. Had we bought a property early on, I may not have had the courage to always, always, always (don't ever think I'm exaggerating) change the look of our house. 

Because my solution to a leaking ceiling then was puzzle mats, garbage bags, and pails (June 2011)
Aside from being experimental, we, at least, have an idea how to manage a house if ever we bought one now. Leaking ceiling, dripping faucet, tangled extension cords--not foreign to us anymore.

I know you're tired of this picture. It's what the master bedroom looks like now.

What our living/dining room looks like now

Thanks to renting, we also know what our house style is. We used to think brown, black and white is our style. All neutral, no excitement. But now, pops of colors everywhere. Having a child really does make ones house an exciting place.
Because every post looks cute with a Laika on it
 How has your place evolved?

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