Friday, February 8, 2013


Hey ya!

This blog will be undergoing changes in a matter of weeks.

I started this blog June of last year to chronicle my pregnancy. To act as an online diary of sorts. I was six months pregnant then with a serious bout of insomnia and I needed an outlet. That was when this blog was born.

Eventually, it evolved into something else. I now write on many things and then I thought, there's not much written on design and DIY in the local setting. So, yes. I might delve on that here.

Although, of course, this being my journal, you will still read about my family life, my WAHM adventures, and my blog hopping. I need to figure things out but you will definitely still have something to read here.

What do you want to read about on my blog? Family life, saving tips, decor ideas? I need your opinions please.

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