Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Story on a Hijabi's Dreams

If you are expecting a story on when, how, and why I decided to be a hijabi, I'm afraid now is not the time for that long story. I just knew that one day, I will have to be one. When, I had no idea. Then one time, I got out of the shower and knew I wanted to wear a hijab that day. No plans before that. I wanted to do it spontaneously. The good thing about that was I also had no chance to back out. And now, I wear a hijab whenever I go out.

There. Not a long story after all.

Anyway, that is not the subject of this post. My dreams are.

Funny how, before, I have always had dreams of myself going out in public naked. As in, In my dream, I will go to school and suddenly discover that I am naked. I would find myself running so that I can cover myself up. I read that in psychology, it means I have low self-esteem.

Now that I am a hijabi, I no longer find myself dreaming that I am naked. This time, I always see myself forgetting to put on a hijab and really looking for one in my bag!

Am I really just bound to forget an item of clothing in my dreams? If that's the case, I am plenty grateful that at least now, I have clothes on.

Just a random musing on a weekend.