Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Decluttering, anyone?

When I was pregnant, I was struck hard by the nesting syndrome. I felt the need to purge, purge, purge! 

My thinking was, if something does not have its own proper place, it does not belong to this house. I was so much struck that I was able to declutter and live with less than 15 pairs of shoes (that's modest, ask every girl you know) and four bags.

On a good day, meaning Sharon or I had to urge to clean up, our rented apartment looks like this.

The bamboo mat does not belong to the living room anymore
The master bedroom is divided into different areas as we live in a small place
However, if Monica Geller of FRIENDS has a Secret Closet, I have my Secret Room. Whenever I entertain guests in the house, the door to this room is shut very tightly.

It looks like this right now.


Good thing when I accepted a certain thrift shop challenge, I was able to discover this beautiful place.

In time (I wonder when?), I want to be able to tackle my Secret Room and sell stuff at that Thrift Shop. I read somewhere that the philosophy when decluttering should be, if you were to move to a different place, what will you be bringing with you? And since we will really be moving before the year ends (in shaa Allah), all the more we need to do this.

Repeat after me: No more clutter. No more clutter. No more clutter.


  1. I only have 6 pairs! hahahahahahaha!!!

  2. Great job!!! Don't worry, practically everyone has a secret room--a place to stash everything that you don't know where to put but can't dispose. ;)

    1. Hahaha...everyone's guilty then, I guess:) Thank you, Dewmaine:)