Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Laika's 8th week

Hi, Laika!

You are 8 weeks old now which means you are almost two months old which means my maternity leave is almost over :(

I hate the fact that I have to leave you for more than 8 hours because I have just started enjoying being with you. You see, you are now responsive to people around you. You can recognize me and your daddy as you smile more when we are with you. And I just noticed, you are such a talker, aren't you? Here's your response when I asked you, "ano'ng napanaginipan mo?"

Aside from babbling and cooing, you are also smiling and laughing now. In fact, one time, while you were sleeping, I heard you laugh! What a joy it was to witness!

Speaking of sleeping, I think you are a shy person (despite being talkative around us) as you have the tendency to sleep (or fake-sleep) when you are with people you are not familiar with.

I also love it when I play nursery rhymes and you start babbling as if you are singing along to the music. You specially love the song Baa Baa Black Sheep. But when I play some Surah, you are lulled to sleep. Anyway, we are not rushing you. You have many, many more years to study about Islam.

One time, when I saw that you were sleeping, I started praying Isha. I was surprised when your bottle got out of its place and you were shouting as if you know you have to get my attention. Crying is not your first instinct in those kinds of situation. In fact, you are not a crybaby at all which is surprising to me. I don't know why I even expected you to be one.

I hope you continue to be a good daughter. We are very blessed to have you.