Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pops of color on the front


I would like to share some inspirations to you through this blog and let me share my first post on this to you.

If you are like me who used to be so afraid of colors, I would like to suggest one fool-proof way to, little by little, introduce pops and bursts into your life.

Are you ready?

Here it is.

Bold-colored door.

Yes! Yummy, yummy facade :)

photo source
 I started my love affair with colored doors when I saw Daphne Osena-Paez' door through her blog. Her red door attached to their vintage bahay na bato family home really brought tingles down my spine. Isn't it lovely?

photo source
I can think of one person who would readily color her frontage pink. That, plus the whites make the otherwise boring bricks interesting, don't you think?

photo source

Yellow is the winner for me. I will definitely put this in my future home. Sunshine-y yellow brings sunshine-y disposition, don't you agree?

photo source
I'm sorry for the repetition of the color red but look at that shape! And the oil-rubbed bronze accessories seals the deal for me. Makes for one interesting door.

photo source
I know that this is not bold-colored but it is the great combination of different colors. It helps that it also lets light in. No other words for this. Perfect for any narrow doorway.

Now that you've seen some samples, are you ready to take the leap? What color can you think of? Bonus points if, aside from making your door colored, you can also add interesting details.

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