Friday, June 22, 2012

Hectic Weekend

Let's do this with bullets:

  • I love lists! Makes my life easier plus, it's more fun!
  • This is going to be a hectic weekend. Will be having our 4d ultrasound tomorrow, Saturday. Let's hope that it be successful this time (as last week, baby did not cooperate and kept on facing the "camera", making her profile, just her profile, visible to the 4d ultrasound). By the way, we saw her nose. Total duplicate of mine!
  • Will be having my OB checkup after the ultrasound.
  • Will be visiting my mother and siblings. Kudos to my brother for passing the AIM entrance test!
  • Will be visiting husband's parents as they just arrived from Singapore.

  • Will be working Sunday-All-day. Yey to this fun stuff.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Baby's Storage Space



When we learned that there will be an addition in the family *cough*baby*cough*, we decided that aside from the emotional factor, the financial factor, and the physical factor (stretch marks, anyone?), we have to prepare ourselves for a new person with a new closet requirement.

Originally, we planned to just buy a dresser with four or more drawers. A baby does not need that much space, right? So off we went to Landmark Department Store in Trinoma to look for one that will fit our budget and fit our needs. But after much searching (and going to other department stores and home improvement shops), we learned that we could not find something exactly to our liking.

And then, one fine weekend, as we were having breakfast in my mother’s house, we learned that she would be renovating her school. An idea came to me: What if we had our dresser custom-made by the same people who will do my mother’s renovation project? So we discussed it with Mama. I drew up plans and showed it to her. We made our rough estimate. And it dawned on the husband and I. That would bring us up to a total of P8000. A damage we cannot afford. A damage we would much rather spend on something else.

So off to the drawing board we went again. We tried sleeping it off thinking we will think of a better solution. We even went back to shopping and ebay-ing to look for something that will match our taste. But everything just isn’t right. We know we will not live in this apartment we are renting forever. So a temporary solution will just be plain un-wise.

One weekend, while my husband was on hospital duty, I looked at a white cabinet in our bedroom. This cabinet was provided to us by the house owner. It currently holds things that I have not been looking at since we moved here. Our “storage room” if you will.

But let’s face it—a storage it is not. It is more like the “I don’t know what I will do with it but I don’t want to throw it so I will just hide it” cabinet. It has the bags I have never used, freebies from when my husband attends medical conventions, and other stuff that are better not seen.

I don’t know what came in me. Me and my pregnant self decided to throw things out that are too damaged that we can’t use it and packed away things I can give to other people who can find use to it. In the end? I found myself with three garbage bags full of things. The result? New closet space for baby! YEHEY!

Problem solved.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to Design a One-Bedroom Condominium Unit

Disclaimer: By no means am I an interior designer. But I am a decorating enthusiast. And a designer in our family=free interior decorator. It’s a win-win situation.  

When my older brother got his condominium unit in San Lorenzo Place, he assigned me to design it. It is located right in the middle of a central business district which means great views, high-rise buildings, and super expensive lot prices!

I can just imagine him, sipping his coffee right in front of his floor-to-ceiling window as he stares into the horizon. What. A. Life. Anyway, what do we have?

·      He got a 25.5 sq m one-bedroom unit. As I have mentioned, it is located in the heart of a business district. Space is precious. So we need to make use of the space wisely.
·      It is located at one of the upper floors. I think more than 30-storeys high up. Amazing view! Have I not said that enough?
·      It is fully-finished. We will make use of the same finishes. Got to use what we have.
·      Anyway, here is the floor plan provided by the developer. We will change it by the way.
 To be honest, I have never been to the site as it is still under construction although I have made my schemes. I will show it to you later.


I am a person who is always easily excited. Too excited that I got my college diploma in 2008; my professional license in 2009; my postgraduate diploma, another professional license and my marriage certificate in 2010; got pregnant in 2011.

And speaking of excitement, here I am again, excited for the arrival of our new little bean this 2012! I have been the baby machine, the shopping-for-baby maniac, the nesting momma. My husband, as always, has been too kind to me. But I know he’s going crazy as well.

From a small household of two, we are preparing for the arrival of two other persons in this house. Our little bean and her fairy god angel, Sharon. Sharon is going to be her sitter and she is currently having her “internship” in my mother’s house.

This now here is my attempt to document our day-to-day life. Join us in our journey!