Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pinterest Challenge: How to Make a Decoupaged Decor

Who here can remember the MTV Asia from way back with Mike Kasem as one of the VJs? If you do, high five to you because we're both old!

Now, if you're familiar with that, I want you to chant the following to the tune of Request of the day. Request of the day. Request of the day.

 I highly encourage you to sing with me. Pinterest Challenge. Pinterest Challenge. Pinterest Challenge. 

This is the time when, if Laika can already understand what's going on around her, I am sure she will be beaming with pride. She has the funniest mother in the world! *waving SARCASM flag to Sheldon Cooper*

Anyway, before we get anywhere else, I would like to say that I am a Pinner (Pinterest-er?). 

One of the images I pinned is this decoupaged letter from this site made by the Petersiks.  

I am here to challenge myself to make my own decoupaged letter. I also challenged myself into doing this without spending a dime.

First thing I did was to look for things I can use around the house. Good thing for me, somebody gave my daughter some puzzle mats, a magazine that is a freebie (a complete affront to my principle of refusing anything free if I can't find a use for it), and a glue stick (because I thought it's the least messy glue around).

This portion is brought to you by the letter B (I am such a couch potato 90's kid) which stands for Basman. I detached it from the puzzle and tear some pages from the magazine.

Here comes the fun part. Tear the pages up to the acceptable size. I learned as I went and realized that I should have cut some pieces smaller for the nooks and crannies. The bigger pieces where useful for when you are covering everything entirely. For detailing, use the small pieces. 

I went on and put glue on top of the page to create a protective seal. It's the poor man's Mod Podge (because I don't think Mod Podge is available here).

Wait for it to dry and cut the edges. Et voila! I now have my own version of decoupaged decor. Now to look for a place where I can hang this. 

This challenge is completely unofficial (Pinterest does not have anything to do about it) and is a product of imagination of a few people who wants to stop pinning and start doing. Feel free to go to the pages of the hosts to look at their own versions of this challenge: 
Sherry of Young House Love  
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 PS. I am contributing to this fabulous site about calendars and it would be great if you can visit through this link on my post about kitchen office ideas. 


  1. Go Talia! If I had the time, I'll also do that! ;)

    And, you have new layout and new name!!! :)

  2. Yes, Dewmaine. And I got a new comment plugin :) thanks for reading :)

  3. Nice job Talia! I think I have pinned a whole lot of Pinterest projects as well. If you need Mod Podge, I know some suppliers where you can get it.

  4. Hi, Ditas! Thank you! I'm more interested on where you got your Silhouette Cameo. I looove your invitation designs :)