I'm just an interior design enthusiast/blogger, sitting in front of my computer, asking you, my readers, to read my blog posts.

(Name that movie!)

Boy, have you just read my lamest attempt at being witty. JOKE.

Of course, I'm kidding. I can go lamer than that.

Hi! I’m Talia Basman and I am the woman behind Pretty and Pocket-Friendly Blog.

PrettyPocketFriendly.com is my little playroom in the cyber world that will feature all things beautiful, chic, and frugal.

As I have said, I am interested in design—home d├ęcor, architecture, landscape, tablescapes, furniture design—you name it, I love it! I have always been fascinated with interior design but my being a professional landscape architect opened up my eyes to the wonderful world of beauty and aesthetics.

Aside from being an LA (that’s landscape architect, folks!), I am also a professional blog hopper. I love blogs about arts & crafts, DIYs, family, and motherhood amongst others. Because of this, I have mastered the art of blogging and am writing for other blogs aside from this one.

A little background about me: I am the third child of my parents and I grew up with seven siblings in our humble home down South. Yes, that many!

My mother is still living in our family house which has gone through two renovations since it was purchased. I discovered my love of architecture when, during the first renovation, I saw Architectural Digests lying around. Since then, I swore that I would be an architect. We all know that did not happen but the love will still be there.

My father died after years of battling with cancer (in our house) while I was in school reviewing for the board exams. I regret that I wasn’t there when it happened. Since then, I knew that family must come first. Now, I am a professional family keeper—a full time housewife.

I married my husband a day after his birthday on 2010. A year after, we tried having a baby and on September 2012, I gave birth to a beautiful girl. Now, my world revolves around these two people.

During my spare time, I love moving furniture, to my husband’s amusement. At times, you will also see me on our dining table or on my daughter’s playmat, watching her, as I work on my husband’s laptop.

I love all things pretty and classy but since I am a cheapskate, I make sure that I stay within the budget when I style our home.

So, to summarize: I love design, I love my family, and I love saving money. And that's what you can expect from this blog. 

I hope you have a good time as you browse through this site.

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