Monday, September 24, 2012

An Update to the "Gadget Itch" post

Husband gave me a little something today. And it is not included in my last post. Let the picture do the talking :)

my new Lumix LX5!!! :)
I owe a lot of posts. Just a quick update, I gave birth to a cute baby girl last September 11. Please pardon the delay. Still getting used to the baby's schedule.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gadget Itch

Let's veer away from the baby topic for today's blog post.


My husband and I are two opposite poles apart. He is an orthopedic surgeon, I am a landscape architect. He loves basketball, I hate listening to the rubber shoes' sounds from the TV. He loves staying at home, my idea of fun is going to the malls.

But if there's one thing we discovered early on we can meet eye to eye on, that is our love for gadgets. Shallow, we know. But that's our only indulgence. When we were young, both of us save our allowances to get the gadget of our dreams. My first salary went to my purchasing of my iPod classic.

photo source
When we got married, we had to let go of our addiction to gadgets. Paying for bills is something new to me. Saud is used to it as he has been living on his own for a while before then. But add me to the equation and major budgeting had to be done. One of the saddest days of my life is when we had to sell my first iPod and his PSP because we had to pay the bills.

More than a year after getting married, I hope we never had to go through that again. We have also learned to live within our means. And we have learned to invest and save every month.

Before Laika gets here, we told ourselves we will be making purchases we would otherwise not be able to buy once the baby comes in the picture. My husband, maybe out of his missing his gadget, bought a PSP (yes, just like the gadget we sold) two days ago. I am very happy upon seeing the twinkle in his eyes every time he plays.

BUT BUT BUT...I am thinking, now is my turn. I haven't bought a gadget for myself. So this morning, out of boredom as I am still on leave from work, I researched on gadgets and brainstormed on what it is I will buy.

(note: Saud does not know about this. I still have to sweet talk my way into getting any of the items here. Hehe...)
  • Laptop. My first laptop was able to survive for 4 years. It was an Acer. But then one day, it conked out maybe because of old age. It was gifted to me by my parents for my thesis.We had it repaired but then, we forgot about it. So we weren't able to get it from the repair shop. Yes, out of our own stupidity.
photo source
 So now, I am thinking of getting a laptop. At present, I am still loving my iMac and I get to borrow my husband's Macbook Air. But it feels good to have my own. Saud promised me a Macbook Pro in the future. Maybe the future is now? Hahaha...and then, I thought, I don't need a new computer. Plus Saud's new gadget is lots of times cheaper than a laptop. So I had to scratch this idea.

photo source

photo source

  • iPad. But then, Saud wants this, too. Plus I don't need it. So this, too, has to be scratched. 
    photo source
  • Camera. I have a DSLR (a very old Nikon D50). But it is so outdated and it is heavy to lug around especially when we are traveling. It's like an additional baggage on its own. 
photo source Photo from when we went to the Great Wall of China and me lugging a very heavy camera (from Cathe's facebook)
I was thinking I need a compact camera. I looked at Canon G12. But, boy, is it not cheap! 
photo source
I looked at Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS19. It has Leica lens. Leica, Laika. Get it? it costs as much as husband's PSP. And its cost justifies its specifications. FOUND MY GADGET!

photo source
But then, when I was about to tell Saud about it, I thought to myself, I don't need a new gadget. It was just an itch. And now, the itch is gone. It may be good to have a new camera. But I can live without it. Plus, Laika comes first. 

(But of course, if my husband gets to read this, he knows what to get me :D)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

39 weeks + 3 day checkup

Yesterday was my 39w+3d checkup. My OB, Dr. Marie Victoria Cruz-Javier did an internal exam and told us that Laika is still floating. She still hasn't engaged. I guess baby still wants to be inside mommy.

She also told us if labor won't progress, she will induce us on our due date. That's on Sept 10. But since Saud is on-hospital duty that day, we will be doing it on Sept 11. I really hope we won't have to be induced. I read it hurts. I hope things will progress naturally. Anyway, I've been taking Evening Primrose Oil since Saturday. I hope that helps.

Laika, when will you be born?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dear Laika,

Hello, anak!

You're now 39 weeks and 3 days in my belly. I know, we are putting too much pressure on you to be born already. Especially because your Tita Tasnim (my sister) will be going to Indonesia tomorrow to study. She wants to see you before she leaves. Don't worry, Mommy learned not to pressure you anymore. Anyway, Tita Tasnim can still see your photos through Facebook. And she promised to visit us this December. I know, we tried every natural thing to induce the labor, but as they say, it is only effective when baby is ready. Daddy and Mommy has been having date nights lately just so we can walk together. Walking is an effective labor-inducer, according to many people. But as you can see, it is not that effective. What's happening is Mommy has been shopping left and right. That's because we walk inside malls. These pregnancy hormones are making me too sweaty so I need Trinoma's airconditioning. That's our mall of choice lately.

Because of our almost-daily malling habit, we bought a new comforter for our bed and a 300-thread count bed sheet. It's the first time for us to try that kind of sheet and we installed it last night. Anak, we had a good night's sleep! So that's how a very expensive sheet feels like! I was kidding Daddy last night, "Is there a crib set sheet that is 300-thread count?" Hahaha...Don't worry, you will still get to sleep in our bed. Anyway, we bought the bed sheet because we got so intimidated by your crib. Our bed looks so-so compared to your crib.

Yesterday, some carpenters went to our house to fix the ceiling in our bedroom. It got damaged because of the leak so Daddy had it fixed. He told me, maybe that's why you refuse to be born. Maybe you hate the ceiling? Of course, he is kidding. But I am so glad you don't have to deal with the damaged ceiling anymore.

photo source

Last weekend, we bought a birthing ball. We have also read that it is a good labor-inducer. I am bouncing on it every time I watch TV. But still, you won't drop. That's okay, anak. If you want to cook for a longer time, that's okay with us. If I get frustrated sometimes, just know that we are all excited to meet you. We will be welcoming you with open arms anytime you feel ready.


PS. We have a doctor's appointment later. Let's see our progress, okay?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Baby Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year Maintenance

I used to love books. When I was in high school, my friends and I would trade Sidney Sheldon books on our free time. Sometimes, we would even read the Tagalog romantic ones when we don't have Sheldon book stash anymore.

But then, things got busy. I went to architecture school where plates are done everyday. And then after that, I had work, I built a family, I got busier, and some hobbies had to be given up. Book reading was the first one to go (along with watching TV series).

Out of habit, I would be borrowing books left and right but I just can't find the time to read. I only have time for academic reading (for work purposes) and even that is a task for me.

When my friends threw me a baby shower, one of my mommy friends (who I always ask for questions about parenting), Lique lent me a book. Weeks passed by and I forgot about it (amongst other things) and when she reminded me about it, I read the book.

The title is The Baby Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-Shooting Tips, and Advice on First-Year Maintenance. It is such an easy read that I started just last night and before I went to bed, I was on my 60th page. That, coming from a person who does not read that much anymore.

From what I have read, I love its fun take on taking care of babies. As is obvious on the title, it treats babies as if they are machines.

Another great thing about it is it is full of illustrations and cool graphics. The book is divided into several chapters which include Preparation and Home Installation, General Care, Feeding, Programming Sleep Mode, General Maintenance, Growth and Development, and Safety and Emergency Maintenance.

I should have read this book when I was still preparing for the little one. But because anytime now, Laika will be making her grand arrival, I am just taking my time and reading the book and crossing out the checklists that the book recommends.

How about you? Any book recommendations? I could use some now as I don't know what to do with my free time! :)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Laika's things: Youji and Me crib

My ever generous family promised to sponsor our baby's crib. I was tasked to look for reviews for great cribs. We wanted something wooden (we do not want pack-and-plays as we want the crib to last a long while), something painted in light color, and something that is beautiful. Another consideration was that it should not have drop side (per US standards as there have been reports of babies getting stuck between these movable contraptions in the past).

Originally, we wanted the Youji and Me Cuddlebug Newport 3in1 Convertible Crib

photo from Youji and Me facebook page

But Ate insisted on buying the higher end one. So we ended up with the Youji and Me Cuddlebig Riverside 4in1 Convertible Crib

photo from Youji and Me facebook page

I was 38 weeks pregnant already when they bought it but boy-oh-boy, my mother and siblings did not disappoint! It was MASSIVE! It won't fit our sedan so they had to use the family van. We have also tried the ultimate test--Saud climbed up the crib :) And it was strong enough!

This is how it looked when we still haven't bought the mattress.
crappy photo care of the iPod touch
Doesn't it look pretty beside our red chair?And here it is after we prettified it.

photo care of my sister Minah's facebook page
Crib set (can't remember the price) and mattress from Landmark (P350)
We wanted to buy the mattress from Youji and Me but they are selling one for P4000++. We browsed my favorite department store, Landmark Trinoma, and saw something thinner and cheaper for a fraction of the price. SOLD!

39 weeks and 1 day today. Will Laika be making her appearance on September 4?

Edit: I noticed that many people get to my blog by searching for a review on Cuddlebug cribs. I would like to report that my daughter, who is 20-weeks old now, still loves this crib. She sleeps soundly at night, uses the crib as her playpen in the morning, and even practices standing up whenever she feels like it.

Like so.

She loves it that she has her own place to play on and the handrails are sturdy enough to support her six-kilo-weight. It just worries me that her hands and feet might get stuck between the rails at night and she might have difficulty getting it out. We will buy teeth guard and bumpers in the future but for now, the crib is okay in itself.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Crazy officemates

I am 39 weeks pregnant and I just started my maternity leave today. For the first time in months, I am not anxious of a Sunday night :) I wasn't planning on going on-leave yet as I wanted to maximize the time I will be spending with Laika but then I can feel that my officemates are always on their toes whenever I feel something different. Something to do with who will be bringing me to the hospital if and when I go into labor.

Anyway, this post is all about them. Last Friday, I went home from the office as I wasn't feeling well. They tweeted me this photo. 

Translation: When will Talia give birth? (followed by their guesses)
Prize! Will be Laika's godparent.
HAHAHA...Wonder who will win?