Monday, October 1, 2012

On breastfeeding and bottlefeeding

Even before we had a baby, heck, even before we got pregnant, my husband talked me into breastfeeding exclusively. He is a strong believer in providing nourishment that has been given naturally to a mother. Being the good wife that I am (hahaha), I knew from the very start that I will be breastfeeding my soon-to-be-born child. But don't get me wrong. I don't judge people who decide to formula feed their babies. I believe in doing whatever works for you and the baby. I do judge, on the other hand, people who judge formula-feeding mothers. Does that even make sense?

Anyway, my baby is now 3 weeks old and I am proud to say that she has only taken in milk that came from me. That is, except for her first 2 days in the world when the nurses in St. Lukes Global City, where she was confined for the first 3 days of her life in the NICU (more on that on other blog posts), took it upon themselves to feed her glucose water. Upon finding out about this, my husband told the nurses to stop this and we started visiting her every 3 hours round the clock since then to stimulate my breasts to produce milk.

I regret not having read much about breastfeeding as much as I did about pregnancy. Husband told me I should stop regretting and instead look at this as an opportunity for me to share what I know now. I've listed some of them below:
  • I didn't know I should have started having baby latch to me as early as possible to stimulate milk production. 
  • I didn't know it is okay to not have milk the first few days as baby has food reserves from when she was in my belly (milk came in 3 days after baby was born). 
  • I should have known having a supportive partner is essential in this (of which I am very lucky to have). 
  • I should have known and read about engorgement and how much it hurts like hell!
  • I should have purchased a breast pump before I gave birth. This has been a very worthy investment for us.
After reading much about breast pumps when I was pregnant, we decided on getting an Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump because of the great reviews.  But because it is not readily available in malls here and to have one, I would have to purchase it online, we weren't able to buy this one.

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Because of engorgement and my postpartum condition, my husband had to buy one immediately after we were discharged from the hospital. He went to Market! Market! and I asked him to buy an Avent Isis iQ Uno Breast Pump. It also had great reviews but it is more expensive and it only has one pump. The good thing is it can also be used manually and can be battery-operated. At present, it is my best friend in the world!

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Just yesterday, for the first time ever, we gave in and bottled-fed Laika using my expressed milk. We believe breast milk is still good in whatever form it comes in. We use Philips Avent and Tommee Tippee bottles. Before then, we tried giving expressed milk through medicine dropper. We originally didn't want to introduce bottles yet to avoid nipple confusion but we had to as Laika and I had latching issues. It also hurts too much!

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Of the two, I prefer Tommee Tippee more as it is slow-flow. We also had zero problems on nipple confusion as I still feed her directly from time to time and she has more efficient latch as compared to before. I noticed that she also feeds more now that we introduced bottles to her. My problem now is my milk supply can't keep up. I ordered lactation cookies from Mommy Treats and it will be delivered tomorrow. I will be making a review once it gets here.


  1. I ordered lactation cookies too, but from Ginquelrus Pastries:

    Their 2-weeks supply consists of 42 cookies! that's 3 cookies a day!
    14 cookies lang kasi sa Mommy treats :) Anyway, tell me how yours go and I'll let you know mine too! hehe...recently posted on breastfeeding on my blog too. Nice to know your still going with BF! Ameda is a nice pump too, just like Medela :) Kami naman we use Dr brown and Avent..But right now, Kiel rarely feeds through the bottle na...he's usually direct and he eats solids na rin kasi..Gusto ko nga sya sanayin sa bottle ulit eh, baka kasi bigla magka-ngipin! haha

  2. Takot din ako once teeth come in. Lagot!!!

    1. haha, ngayon pa nga lang nanggigil na si baby sa pag latch, pano pa pag may teeth! wha! hehe...anyway, if you've read my blogpost on BF too, I think I put there how long milk will last if you store them. Mag stock ka na ng extra milk sa freezer just in case, so you have some when you get back to work in a few months :)