Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thankful Tuesdays: Technology and more

Thankful Tuesdays will feature things that I am grateful for at the moment. It is a reminder that every week, every day, every minute, every second, there is something we can be thankful for. It can be something as big as having my daughter (yes, Laika was born on a Tuesday) or as shallow as a cheap find in the mall. Click this link to read on the other Thankful Tuesday posts.

iPad mini. It has made blogging-on -the-go possible. And the apps! I especially love Newsstand and Zinio apps. Discounted magazine subscriptions without the clutter? I am in! What's more, you can delete the magazines and it gets saved on the Archive and you can download your purchased magazine again for free. I do not regret selling my iPod Touch for this. And it has saved my marriage being that I have stopped stealing my husband's iPad3 (I especially love that the Mini is so much lighter).

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Robinsons Magnolia. This is my favorite mall at the moment. It replaced Trinoma Mall in my heart. I know, I know, very melodramatic. But you have to understand, I spent most of my pre-labor days in a mall. I have not stopped being thankful yet (I kid, I kid). What is it I love the most about Robinsons Magnolia? Aside from the fact that it is the former Magnolia Ice Cream House, there are very few people even on weekends! Plus they have wide hallways perfect for the stroller. Yes, I've found my sanctuary.

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Simple dates with the husband everyday. Breakfast and jogging date. Even if we have not had any sleep the night before, we make a conscious effort to wake up and eat together in the house while Ate Sharon takes care of Laika in the other room. These are the things that we do so that, even if there is a baby in the equation now, we still get to talk, one on one.

I get to hear my baby's hearty laughs.

Seeing my husband dance with our daughter. It makes my sappy mommy heart go awwww...

During Sam dela Cruz' 1st birthday
Friends who make us feel as if we are family. Thanks to the dela Cruzes, Medinas and Mangalindans :D

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