Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dear Laika,

Hello, anak!

You're now 39 weeks and 3 days in my belly. I know, we are putting too much pressure on you to be born already. Especially because your Tita Tasnim (my sister) will be going to Indonesia tomorrow to study. She wants to see you before she leaves. Don't worry, Mommy learned not to pressure you anymore. Anyway, Tita Tasnim can still see your photos through Facebook. And she promised to visit us this December. I know, we tried every natural thing to induce the labor, but as they say, it is only effective when baby is ready. Daddy and Mommy has been having date nights lately just so we can walk together. Walking is an effective labor-inducer, according to many people. But as you can see, it is not that effective. What's happening is Mommy has been shopping left and right. That's because we walk inside malls. These pregnancy hormones are making me too sweaty so I need Trinoma's airconditioning. That's our mall of choice lately.

Because of our almost-daily malling habit, we bought a new comforter for our bed and a 300-thread count bed sheet. It's the first time for us to try that kind of sheet and we installed it last night. Anak, we had a good night's sleep! So that's how a very expensive sheet feels like! I was kidding Daddy last night, "Is there a crib set sheet that is 300-thread count?" Hahaha...Don't worry, you will still get to sleep in our bed. Anyway, we bought the bed sheet because we got so intimidated by your crib. Our bed looks so-so compared to your crib.

Yesterday, some carpenters went to our house to fix the ceiling in our bedroom. It got damaged because of the leak so Daddy had it fixed. He told me, maybe that's why you refuse to be born. Maybe you hate the ceiling? Of course, he is kidding. But I am so glad you don't have to deal with the damaged ceiling anymore.

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Last weekend, we bought a birthing ball. We have also read that it is a good labor-inducer. I am bouncing on it every time I watch TV. But still, you won't drop. That's okay, anak. If you want to cook for a longer time, that's okay with us. If I get frustrated sometimes, just know that we are all excited to meet you. We will be welcoming you with open arms anytime you feel ready.


PS. We have a doctor's appointment later. Let's see our progress, okay?

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