Sunday, January 27, 2013

Things I Learned from the It's A WAHMderful Life Workshop akaYou-are-not-a-good-writer-unless-you-know-Strunk-and-White"

No more introduction. Let's make this short and to the point.

1. Invest. Now is the right time to set aside money for retirement. Income minus savings must be for expenses. Whatever is left off when you subtract your savings from the income, that's only how much you spend. In our case, my husband takes care of the bills; I am in charge of the savings. At least we know the limit of our expenditure.

2. Refine your skills. I wanted to be a writer and I thought having content is enough. Writing is a craft as what Martine de Luna would say. If going back to high school English is what it takes to improve, do it. I am contemplating enrolling at a writing school. I will keep you posted on this.

By the way, always self-edit!

3. Organize. Freelance writing is difficult as you always need to discipline yourself into focusing on the job. From now on, no more procrastinating. Do things now!

4. Working at home does not mean being a freelancer forever. You can always make a career out of writing-at-home. Impress your clients, they might just hire you for the long haul.

5. Build your resume. Market yourself. Submit portfolio to companies. But never, ever give them a document containing your work. Screen cap is good enough.

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