Saturday, October 13, 2012

Laika's 4th week

I am a fan of the Young House Love blog. It's about two DIY dorks who are full-time bloggers managing a household consisting of a chihuahua and a cute little girl. In fact, most of the things I do in our little home, I got from them. Cloth diapering-check. Breastfeeding-check. Living frugally-check. Cutting my husband's hair-check. If only I can DIY some kitchen cabinets and chandeliers as well!

photo source

Anyway, one of the things I picked up from them is their Clara's Photo Project. Every week for the first year of their daughter's life, they photograph her against a fabric background. I thought, even before I got pregnant, I should do that, too. But I can't afford to do it every week (as I am soon going to come back to work) nor can I buy a fabric every picture-taking time.

I thought of modifying my way of documenting my daughter's progress. Instead of doing it weekly, I will be doing it every four weeks. I will be using my favorite red chair as a backdrop to compare how much she's grown monthly.

For the first month's picture, Laika is still sleeping (isn't she, all the time!). Good thing I managed to get a shot with her flexing her mouth muscles which makes her look like she is smiling.

Laika @ 4 weeks
Isn't she adorable?

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  1. hello laika! you're so small and fragile. I'll hug you pag tumaba ka na ha :) para di kita malapirot. kisses form tita!! :* :* :*