Saturday, September 8, 2012

Gadget Itch

Let's veer away from the baby topic for today's blog post.


My husband and I are two opposite poles apart. He is an orthopedic surgeon, I am a landscape architect. He loves basketball, I hate listening to the rubber shoes' sounds from the TV. He loves staying at home, my idea of fun is going to the malls.

But if there's one thing we discovered early on we can meet eye to eye on, that is our love for gadgets. Shallow, we know. But that's our only indulgence. When we were young, both of us save our allowances to get the gadget of our dreams. My first salary went to my purchasing of my iPod classic.

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When we got married, we had to let go of our addiction to gadgets. Paying for bills is something new to me. Saud is used to it as he has been living on his own for a while before then. But add me to the equation and major budgeting had to be done. One of the saddest days of my life is when we had to sell my first iPod and his PSP because we had to pay the bills.

More than a year after getting married, I hope we never had to go through that again. We have also learned to live within our means. And we have learned to invest and save every month.

Before Laika gets here, we told ourselves we will be making purchases we would otherwise not be able to buy once the baby comes in the picture. My husband, maybe out of his missing his gadget, bought a PSP (yes, just like the gadget we sold) two days ago. I am very happy upon seeing the twinkle in his eyes every time he plays.

BUT BUT BUT...I am thinking, now is my turn. I haven't bought a gadget for myself. So this morning, out of boredom as I am still on leave from work, I researched on gadgets and brainstormed on what it is I will buy.

(note: Saud does not know about this. I still have to sweet talk my way into getting any of the items here. Hehe...)
  • Laptop. My first laptop was able to survive for 4 years. It was an Acer. But then one day, it conked out maybe because of old age. It was gifted to me by my parents for my thesis.We had it repaired but then, we forgot about it. So we weren't able to get it from the repair shop. Yes, out of our own stupidity.
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 So now, I am thinking of getting a laptop. At present, I am still loving my iMac and I get to borrow my husband's Macbook Air. But it feels good to have my own. Saud promised me a Macbook Pro in the future. Maybe the future is now? Hahaha...and then, I thought, I don't need a new computer. Plus Saud's new gadget is lots of times cheaper than a laptop. So I had to scratch this idea.

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  • iPad. But then, Saud wants this, too. Plus I don't need it. So this, too, has to be scratched. 
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  • Camera. I have a DSLR (a very old Nikon D50). But it is so outdated and it is heavy to lug around especially when we are traveling. It's like an additional baggage on its own. 
photo source Photo from when we went to the Great Wall of China and me lugging a very heavy camera (from Cathe's facebook)
I was thinking I need a compact camera. I looked at Canon G12. But, boy, is it not cheap! 
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I looked at Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS19. It has Leica lens. Leica, Laika. Get it? it costs as much as husband's PSP. And its cost justifies its specifications. FOUND MY GADGET!

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But then, when I was about to tell Saud about it, I thought to myself, I don't need a new gadget. It was just an itch. And now, the itch is gone. It may be good to have a new camera. But I can live without it. Plus, Laika comes first. 

(But of course, if my husband gets to read this, he knows what to get me :D)

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  1. yung acer laptop namin na kapatid ng laptop mo nuhay pa :) 5 years na sya! never pa na reformat :)