Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I am a person who is always easily excited. Too excited that I got my college diploma in 2008; my professional license in 2009; my postgraduate diploma, another professional license and my marriage certificate in 2010; got pregnant in 2011.

And speaking of excitement, here I am again, excited for the arrival of our new little bean this 2012! I have been the baby machine, the shopping-for-baby maniac, the nesting momma. My husband, as always, has been too kind to me. But I know he’s going crazy as well.

From a small household of two, we are preparing for the arrival of two other persons in this house. Our little bean and her fairy god angel, Sharon. Sharon is going to be her sitter and she is currently having her “internship” in my mother’s house.

This now here is my attempt to document our day-to-day life. Join us in our journey! 


  1. wow!! ang bilis!! may Sharon na kaagad! San nyo nakuha te? kelangan ko din. Lol. House sitter. walang nag aalaga sa bahay namin eh haha

  2. Sa kasambahay ng kuya ni Saud :)